No need to define what diagnostics is, or is there? Well, we've got a different approach to diagnostics than most of the garages. It's not just about plugging in a universal diagnostic computer to your car and reading the error codes. Modern cars are very complicated and tricky- a flashing light on the dashboard can have a few different menaings and sources. And every time you misread them- you pay for something that was working just fine.

To us, diagnosing the problem means telling you what actually is wrong with your car, and specifically what needs to be replaced ir fixed in order to repair it. We don't use any universal diagnostic devices- our approach is very costly, but also very effective- only state of the art dealer level diagnostics, and as much time and testing as is needed to establish what the problem is. If we can't tell you this- then you don't pay.

We usually offer diagnostics as a part of our other service - ECU Remapping or DPF Removal. This way you get your car fully diagnosed for free!



Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi - DPF Removal Service - from £400!

We have a fully tested solution for deactivating the DPF system on a Vauxhall Insignia - so as with all other cars we offer a 100% guaranteed removal service!

Jaguar S-Type, XF, XJ 2.7d and 3.0d - DPF Removal from £400!

Complete DPF deactivation and removal service - for all Jaguar models, including the latest XF 3.0 turbo diesel. We also offer EGR deactivation for all Jaguars.